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Run command prompt as administrator and run the command

net user administrator /active:yes

to activate the hidden administrator account

To disable the account run “net user administrator /active:no

One really nice feature with Google Talk is it allows you to share the current song you are listening to on supported media players with your friends (see figure below).


Unfortunately on some computers that option appears not to work. This is because GTalk was installed using a normal user privilege therefore it could not install the required plugin for this feature to work.


  • Uninstall GTalk using the “Add or Remove programs” feature in your Microsoft Windows installation
  • Download a fresh copy of Gtalk and save it to a folder you can readily access eg save it on your desktop
  • Right click the file you just downloaded and choose “Run as administrator”


  • After installation is complete go to your supported media player’s plugin options and verify if the Google Talk plugin was successfully installed,

    eg for Windows Media Player press Alt+T > options > plugins > Category > Background and verify if you have something similar to this:


et voila!!

Now to enable the “Show current music track” feature in Google talk change your status to eg “Online – Show current music track” or “Busy – Show current music track”



Hello World!

My first post on WordPress using Microsoft Windows Live Writer